We believe that every human being is endowed with the rights to life, liberty, and property, and when these rights are protected, societies enjoy optimal productivity and sustainable economic growth. Moreover, we have observed that civil, political, and economic freedoms are interconnected to make up the foundation of a thriving economy and the protection of these freedoms drives markets from the molecular level.

All emerging markets are not created equal, and geopolitical forces play an increasingly pivotal role in ensuring sustainable growth. Our studies confirm that the protection of individual freedoms on the country level is an effective indicator of economic growth and stability.

Our strategy provides broad diversification across five continents while adding resilient alpha over existing benchmarks through transparent and unbiased country and security selection using our patent-pending multi-factor model and rules-based methodology.


About Us

We provide the world's first Human Rights Weighted Factor-Based Indices. Our focus is on emerging and frontier markets. Our transparent rules-based approach delivers consistent and sustainable alpha by investing in freedom.
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